Our story…

Ever since I was young my mother always told me that once I set my mind on something, I do it. Even at 15 I was determined to get a car, I knew that if this was going to happen that I would need to earn the money for it.

I had always wanted to work in a salon and I ended up getting a job as a shampoo girl at a nice salon that was within walking distance from my house. I learned so much from the stylists that worked there. The salon was very structured and time efficient. As much as I learned from them, I knew deep down that something was missing.

I continued to work very hard and finally saved enough money for a car. This is when I started working at Capretti and Company, an Aveda Concept Salon. Working there was so great – they introduced me into the world of Aveda. They showed me about giving the guest more than just a haircut but giving them a true experience. They loved to spoil their guest with all the extras. Not only were they doing fabulous hair and pampering their guests, but they were so funny! They created such a fun and relaxing atmosphere that it gave everyone such a great comfortable experience. I continued to work there until I met my handsome husband, Jared, and moved from my home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to the great state of Indiana. It was so hard to leave my family, friends and my new salon but I was very excited for my new adventure here in Plainfield, Indiana!

After some time living here I started working at an Aveda salon called The Edge. As a young stylist (thinking I knew everything), I really got thrown through a loop. They cut and colored hair totally different than what I was used to. I learned a lot about the integrity of hair and how quality was so much more important than quantity. The Edge introduced me to hair shows and advanced education. I also learned how to give a killer head massage. I worked there for five years and as much as I learned, I was ready for the next chapter in my life.

I had always known that I wanted to start a salon of my own but my biggest fear was that I knew that I wanted to stay working behind the chair. My supportive family told me that I should go for it. My husband Jared told me “tell me if you want to do it and I’ll help you do it.” I said “let’s do it!”

We opened Pure Concepts in November of 2008 and I was beyond scared of the unexpected. However, I was determined that with the quality of guest service and technical skills I had learned that I could bring so much more to the table. I am so grateful to have worked in such wonderful salons and have met such wonderful and amazing people that have inspired me more than I could ever explain. I really wanted to incorporate everything they had taught me and pay it forward. I have been working so hard to share my vision creating a salon that has structure, advanced education and consistent relaxing services in a comfortable and fun atmosphere. I would love nothing more than for you to come in to experience this at Pure Concepts. We look forward to servicing you!

Thank you!
Jackie Burns