Hair Stylist


1. My favorite thing about working at Pure Concepts is...


Everyone's desire to continue learning. We all feel passionately about hair and have the resources available to continue our education in whatever direction we choose.


2. My favorite product(s) are…


Brilliant Hairspray. It gives great shine/hold to curls and provides the "wet" look without being too crunchy, Pure Abundance Hair Potion gives great volume/texture without feeling sticky. Plus it is super easy to use. And Nutriplenish Oil. It is so nourishing and great to run through hair after waking up to rejuvenate hair, a little goes a long way.


3. When I am not at work, I like to…


Go to parks and walk along the water, talk about random philosophies and religions with my friends, research random abstract topics, play any videogame involving Mario, and work on improving my physical fitness.

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